Being in debt could have come from a plethora of different reasons, but the good news is that there are also many strategies to get out of it

1. Find a Money Buddy

You don’t have to do it alone!

Start by writing down your goals each month, then hold your money buddies credit card to prevent them from making impulse purchases!

It can be much easier if you hold each other accountable!

2. Get a side hustle

It’s not always about cutting costs, it can be done by increasing how much you’re bringing in.

It’s possible to go out and get side jobs part time that can supplement your income. One tip is to offer to do a job for free for a few days to prove your worth. Most managers would LOVE this and be willing to offer you the position as soon as you’ve done a few days of work.

3. Round off Numbers

What is this? Well, you just need to round off your checks!

If your check balance is $1,342.21, then you make a $42.21 payment to round off your check to a nice and tidy $1,300.

Little things like this can make a huge difference!